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Thank you to Elliott’s Travel for the arrangements that were made for our recent trip to Italy ,Greece and the Greek Islands. The choice of 'Back Roads' as suggested by David was excellent. We chose a tour that fitted in with the dates of the wedding that was the initial purpose of our trip and Tuscany was just lovely. Enough history and old hill top towns and relaxing in a country house with pool for a whole day at the end of the 10 days trip was just so enjoyable. The guide with us for the duration was also most helpful and informative.

After Athens and some family time there, we had chosen Tempo Holidays ‘Cyclades and Crete’ including ferry from Athens to Mykonos, Santorini and then Crete, 3 nights on each island and free time to either fill with selected excursions, relax in the Mediterranean or swim in the hotel pool.
The accommodation we selected was the superior option and certainly met that standard. We found the Tempo Holiday’s agents on each island just so extremely helpful and would enthusiastically recommend both ‘Back Roads’ and ‘Tempo Holidays’ to other clients.

Thank you David for all the help that you gave us in putting this holiday together .

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