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I have just ticked another 2 items off my bucket list and spent the week in Melbourne and 3 days at the Australian Open watching tennis. We were just 8 of the 683,000 people who passed through Melbourne Park.

Our first day we were like 8 kids along with several thousand others on the big expedition heading to the park walking along the Yarra River from Flinders Station. The river was a hive of activity with a beautiful path the full way to the Park. Once, inside it was just a swam of people all with the same idea of having a fantastic day of tennis. We sorted ourselves out and managed to get seats in the Margaret Court where we sat for the full day watching fantastic tennis. Once, you had your seats you where able to come and go as you wanted and several of our group managed to get to see games on several of the other courts as the games were played out. Not only did we see the new upcoming players we were entertained by some of the veterans like Lindsay Devonport, Pat Rafter, Martina Hingis and the oldie but still goodie Martina Navratilova. 

Melbourne Park was just the most fantastic facility where thousands of people each day got the most out of the tennis.

When not at the tennis we soaked up the atmosphere of Melbourne in the searing heat for a few days and then the wind and cold for the next few days but this did not stop us heading out each day. We were very spoilt to be there over Australia day where we saw how patriotic the Australian people are about their country. We joined thousands in Fitzroy Gardens for a wonderful Arial display

by the air force, some incredible jazz music and a huge line up of vintage cars. What was so good to see was a park in the middle of a huge city being used by so many people on their day off.

I would have to say that having travelled to many cities around the world Melbourne has the most tourist friendly public transport I have ever used.

The most difficult decision we had to make every day was which of the restaurants in which of the lanes we had to eat at and on heading up to Lygon Street the decision was even harder.

Shopping was that is another story. We walked every day and around every corner there was something to see. Victoria Market was another must see..

I have to ask myself why it has taken me so long to go back to this fabulous city. It certainly won’t be so long for the next visit, and yes it will be to the tennis again.

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