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Amazed at how extremely busy Istanbul is for the start of the season. The queues were long everywhere. A vibrant, exciting city with history and stories on every corner. The Blue Mosque and the Cistern Basilica were my favourite places to visit. We came at the best time of the year for the flowers as it was the beginning of the flower festive. Five million tulip bulbs had been planned and they were all out in full bloom. Our last night in the city we navigated the tram system and headed down to the Bosphrous to enjoy the lights. Fantastic means of transportation as there are 5 million people come into the city each day to work. Very hot during day and cool at night. Sunday: Left Istanbul on another beautiful day and flew to Kayseri where we meet with our coach for the next 6 days. Beautiful big coach for our group of 18. Lots of snow on the mountains. A one hour drive through the very surreal moonscape area of Cappadocia. A visit to the underground city was a highlight for the group who could make it through the tunnels. Another work of art from all those years ago. A two night stop here with hopefully a balloon ride at 5am in the morning.

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