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Postcards from Samoa!

We arrived in Apia yesterday at 2pm local time (1 hour ahead of NZ) after a great flight with Air New Zealand. Less than 5 mins later we were checked into Aggie Grey’s Resort. 30+ degrees! We spent the afternoon enjoying the resort facilities and cocktails at the swim bar in the pool. Island time had started & we were instantly relaxed.

Today after breakfast & site inspection of Aggie Grey’s (certainly lots to here) we caught the ferry to the other main island, Savaii. It took about an hour – we were lucky enough to travel business class – air conditioned room with reserved seats, drinks, food, first off ferry...

We went to Afu Aau waterfall first, a pristine fresh water pool surrounded by trees, some braved a swim. Onto another village where we fed some turtles with locals children and we drove past the lava fields from 1905-1911 Mt Matavanu eruption.

Couple more site inspections and we checked into our accommodation for that night next – Tanu Beach Fales. I’m lying in the fale now while it pours down with rain & has done for over an hour (unusual). The fales are open aired wooden platforms with roof, mattress & mosquito nets and woven flat screens that came down all around the side for privacy/shelter. Simple but good. Feels like the perfect place to relax. We’ve had a yummy meal at big communal table – bread fruit, taro leaves, curried veges, fish, chicken, rice.... This basic fale experience is such a unique way to enjoy Samoa – I didn’t even mind the cold basic shower - it is shared facilities here so for the more adventorous.


2 days later...

The torrential rainpour stopped finally at 6am & we woke up to a gorgeous day. The cultural show that was due to be performed at night (although they did go ahead with the fire dance in the rain!) we saw performed yesterday at breakfast – really good!

We did another couple of site inspections on the east coast & ended up in Apia for our stay at Aggie Grey’s Hotel which is right in town, close to waterfront restaurants. After dinner we wondered 5 mins down the road to a local nightspot to hear a band.

This morning we did the flea markets in town to get some souvenirs (they are indoors & locals are friendly), visited Robert Louis Stevenson’s museum although we didn’t take the tour inside. We stopped at the Cultural Centre for a free show they’ve started doing – saw coconut husking, and a main being tatooted the local way – very different to here!

Headed south down the road in the middle of the island to Coconuts Resort & Sinalei Resort (wow! Wow! Beautiful resorts, great for couples). This coast was affected by the Tsunami but it’s all been rebuilt and back up and running, if not better than before.

Further on the south east coast we stopped in at Togitogiga falls. This evening we are at Seabreeze Resort, a beautiful small resort in a little cove. We’ve had a relax at the gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the water. I really like this place. Seabreeze too was affected by the devasting tsunami so they were closed for 2 years and it is looking great after just being re-open for a year. Tonight is their ‘fiafia’ night, which is their traditional feast & show, kind of like the NZ hangi experience.


Final Day...

The fiafia night last night was fun. Dinner consisted of taro nachos, seafood & coconut pudding in their beautiful restaurant with great sea views. The staff at the resort did some great song & dance performances!

After a champagne breakfast by the sea we went to ‘To Sua Trench’ which is a deep swimming hole where you climb down a very steep ladder & enjoy a swim.

Now we’re back in Apia and sadly it’s our last day in Samoa.... Tanoa Tusitala Hotel is right across from the markets so we had another quick look before they closed (open each day & Saturday mornings). Having a relax by the pool & even got a massage at the spa centre on site! We’re enjoying having some quiet time before going to the airport tonight for our flight home.

It’s been amazing! I will be back!!

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