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I recently flew to Tokyo in Premium Economy and WOW... what a difference it made!

Think ample leg room, great cabin service, dedicated toilets shared with business class, business class menus and meals, constant and free flowing bar service, little packs with the air socks, eye shades, lip balm and tooth brush, bottles of Waiwera water, tilt back seats with head rests and leg rests.

Do I think it's worth the additonal cost? If you're travelling for business, then absolutely. For leisure travel? Well, I can only say that I arrived in a much better mental and physical state than compared to if I'd flown ten and a half hours in economy. And since I was planning on getting my feet into ski boots; my Cartia pills, sexy compression stockings and Premium Economy seat was my secret weapon against swollen feet.

Remember too that if you have enough points, you can always use Airpoints to purchase confirmed or standby upgrades to Premium Economy. It's a very cost effective way of achieving this luxury. But, as there are only a limited number of premium economy tickets, I'd suggest you buy one of those and and then use your points to request business class seats, which generally has more availability.

This will basically guarantee that you will travel in some form of luxury on your wonderful holiday that you've saved hard for and anticipated for months. So why leave it to chance? Talk to your World Travellers consultant today, they'll have all the information you need.

Go on, treat yourself!

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