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This is a once in a lifetime driving experience presented with qualified instructors and luxury European cars.

You will be guided through the basics, dynamic driving where you will experience the thrill of drifting around a snow circle or slalom course before finishing the day with timed laps on a autocross course where bragging rights and the winners caps will be awarded.

The Premium Ice Driving Experience is perfectly suited to conference, incentive, private and corporate groups. It is designed as a progressive drive day so the ice driving experience is achievable for all different levels of driving ability and size of group.

You are offered a full package - once you arrive you’ll enjoy full catering & luxury accommodation, you will also receive photographs and certificates to take away, awards for fastest drivers / best teams and video footage on a USB for bragging later to the ones that couldn’t make it!

Round 1 – Introduction to the cars, handling, tyres, ice and snow surface / conditions / Acceleration / breaking activities – these activities allow you to develop an understanding for how the cars react in snow / ice conditions, you’ll learn how to control the accelerator to get off the mark and up to speed and also how to safely stop and handle the cars.

Over steer & under steer activities – once acceleration and braking is dialled, it’s time to start some more dynamic driving, the instructors will guide you through a range of activities that will teach you how to get your car sideways, control the slide, then get your traction & control safely back.

Round 2 – Moving into dynamic driving activities now you have a handle on the car

Drifting & dynamic control – you’ll learn how to get the car into a drift, maintain the drift and safely regain control.

Slalom & figure 8 – slalom and figure 8 activities, here you’ll need to put into practice what was learnt as you begin to fine tune your dynamic car control.

Cost: $2,249.00 per person (minimum numbers apply)

Includes: Driving experience, luxury accommodation (based on twin share of double), fully hosted catering at the Event Centre.

Excludes: Transfers & alcohol

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