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Set on Sydney's glorious harbour, Q Station is one of Australia's most significant heritage and environmental landmarks, preserved within 30 acres of the Sydney Harbour National Park at North Head.

I'm sitting in the shade (practically unheard of... in fact, it's such a rare event I can tell you exactly when was the last time - Mana Island, Fiji!!) - it's hot hot hot and sunny, with golden sand, waves lapping, azure bay and plenty of Manly mansions to oogle at. Temperature is, I'm guessing, mid to high 20s.

A mansion of a launch has just moored and dropped its inmates onto kayaks and downloaded the speedboats. A wedding party is mingling on the jetty, it's a stunning day & location for it. This is the Q Station Manly Beach on Friday 24 November 2017, and proof that you do not have to stay in the concrete jungle of Sydney. Only a ferry ride from downtown Sydney (think of the lyrics by Australian Crawl, "As the Manly ferry cuts its way to Circular Quay!"), it’s a great place for a conference, weekend escape or holiday. It’s basically the beach in the middle of the city!

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