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Raj's Taj & Himalayas Escorted Tour India - Client Comments

15 August 2013

Raj's Taj & Himalayas Escorted Tour - India


  A bit about Raj from World Travellers Best Travel

Raj joined Best Travel in 2007, after 15 years’ involvement in the travel industry in India, including running his own travel operation in the Himalayas.  

“Seeing the Taj Mahal at sunrise is an experience one will not forget,” says Raj. With trips home every two to three years, Raj stays up with the play on new and exciting adventures for clients.  

Raj has a good understanding of both the Kiwi and the Indian culture. He has led diverse range of groups – from Ministerial delegations to trekking groups in the Himalayas. Each aspect of this tour has been designed by him - from the Indian cooking class to the Himalayan Women Weavers Cooperative visit. On his tours he manages the operational aspects and ensure that services, accommodation and meals are flawless.  For the sightseeing he will be joined by an expert English speaking local guide in each location.

Client Comments from Raj's 2012 Taj & Himalayas Escorted Tour

Carla Crasborn, Hawkes Bay

1) So pleased Raj was there, knowing the people, the language & customs

2) We’ve been pampered and there was no need to organize anything; would only tour India like this

3) Take my hat off to the drivers in India, felt safe – what a job in India

4) So hard to mention highlights, there have been so many. I have to mention all the staff at the hotels, buses, 4 wheel drivers etc were so friendly and helpful. It was a full program, therefore the time away was just right. Raj has gone out of his way to solve all (little) problems if there were any, and with his sense of humour made it an excellent trip.

Andrea, Napier

Loved the hightlights –

Rickshaw ride through the narrow, crowded streets of Old Delhi – up close and personal,

Stay at the Samode Palace – like a magical fairy tale

Himalayas – fantastic , on the roof of the world

A special thank you to Raj who took such good care of us, ironing out the little hiccups and sorting special requests.

A very well organized trip, Raj maintained professional competency while also enjoying being part of a friendly small group tour.

Thank you also to Best Travel for the lovely Travel wallet, extra wine and lovely saree gifts – a nice touch!

Shirley-Anne Withers and John Dyer, Rotoroa

Packed with interest and variety.  With no unexpected costs this was very helpful and appreciated.  Loved the variety and some magnificent places.  Wonderful to see and enjoy the beautiful foot hills. Sorry can't comment on any highlights on the tour – we loved it all!  We have no suggestions for improvements – all aspects of the tour were excellent. So much was seen in a short space of time. The opportunities & care provided were exemplary.

Karen and Mapu Roberts, Hastings

I don’t know if there could be improvements because the trip was pretty fantastic.

Raj and the local guides were very protective of the group, always keeping their eyes on us. We always felt safe and a little spoilt. Arohanui – Raj & Best Travel.

Christine Lougher & Peter Barnes, Havelock North

Couldn’t fault Raj with his attention to detail.

Joan Battersby, Takapau, Waipukurau

Not possible to comment on any of the hightlights – the whole thing was a wonderful experience.

Raj was the most considerate and organized tour host anyone could ask for. Whatever anyone wanted he would do his utmost. Thank you all very much.

Anne Stephens, Ahuriri, Napier

For me this was an emotional journey of discovery, the first of many.

On each level the accommodation was great.

Such fun, amazing crew of drivers

The drivers were beyond excellent (and they could dance also)

Words cant express how amazing our Raj was, such care and cheeky smile.

In my opinion anyone going to India for the first time should be on a tour to get Indias full potential first off, not only the sights but also the information.

My visit to the Taj was emotional, so beautiful gathering the colours of India in my head, soon to be put on canvas or paper – cant wait.

As I have mentioned to Raj I fell in love with his homeland, to me India is her people and her colors, I was pleased to see how the women of India are striving so hard for a better education and conditions for their children, I feel they are the future of India.

I have put my hand up for a tour of South India I hope in 2014 with, of course, Raj

I am so glad I attended your “India Tour” evening. It changed my life.

Dear Raj

I would very much like to say again how very much I enjoyed our tour with you. I just loved every minute and I thought you did a superb job keeping everything ticking over so successfully. So much was achieved in a short space of time and you handled the frustrations with which you were faced both humorously and firmly when required. No easy task to take a group on such a major expedition. I look back on a very stimulating and fascinating adventure and feel enormously privileged to have had such a special opportunity.


I had also meant to say to you that if you ever decide to bring your family to the Rotorua district we would be delighted for you to visit us and perhaps stay at our little cottage which is adjacent to our home and is fully self contained, if that was more convenient to you.

With thanks


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