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Rarotonga for Family Fun

14 March 2011


By Claire Barraclough

Recently I had the pleasure of taking my four children and some friends over to Rarotonga for an “end of summer” break. We stayed at The Edgewater Resort and as there were seven of us, we rented one of their three bedroom Villas. Having full kitchen and laundry facilities as well as three large bedrooms, two bathrooms and a spacious lounge, these Villas are great value, making you feel like you’re at “home away from home”…except on a tropical island.

Breakfast was included in the rates, which was an added bonus. We all know that travelling with ravenous children can become very expensive. For this reason we took a lot of our own food with us, and after a trip to the local supermarket and finding that a block of cheese was $88, butter at over $8 and biscuits at $5 a packet we were really glad that we had. It’s no hassle to take your own food over, we even took meat for dinner with us. As long as it’s packed in a polystyrene box (which you can pick up free from the supermarket) and there are no juices or leakages, they will then check it and seal it for you at the airport for $12.00…well worth it.

The kids had an absolute ball swimming and snorkelling all day in the lagoon, studying and feeding the beautiful tropical fish that constantly milled around their feet, and made the most of the 4-12 year olds daily activities at the Kids Club …… allowing me time to relax for a few hours too which made it well worth staying at a larger resort. Hiring a scooter to whip around the island for the day is an awesome way of experiencing this island, or for a large family or group, we hired a 7-seater wagon which we dropped off at the airport on our return. The rates to hire these are really very affordable. Experiencing the local “Island Night” which included authentic island food, is a “must do”, but shop around for this as the resort nights tend to be much more expensive than a more private establishment.

So with winter fast approaching…call in and see us at McIntosh Travel and book a fantastic winter escape…because like you, we are World Travellers.

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