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Rarotonga with the Family in June

17 July 2012


It had been about 22 years since I'd been back to the Cook Islands, being a local of Muri Beach it was about time to get over for a well-deserved holiday with my young 2-year old daughter and partner, Michelle.

The first thing that hit us on arrival was the 27 degree heat; comfortable and 13 degrees warmer than New Zealand at the end of June. Halleluiah! The gentle music of the islands greeted us through the airport with a warm welcome Raro style with a floral lay over the neck, then off to the hotel by coach. We'd been told of some of the new resorts that had opened since we'd last visited and decided to stay at The Pacific Resort Rarotonga. It didn’t take long to get over to Muri Beach considering the speed limit is 30kms to 50kms in some areas. But then again... what’s the rush!

As we approached the Pacific Resort, we noticed some fabulous restaurants, vehicle hire and local food stores, a few delis and a wine shop which on closer inspection had some real gems if you like Pinot Noir. By the end of the week, I would term our location as the "Magic Mile” for all it offers on an island that's only 32kms in circumference.

Beautiful surroundings greeted us on arrival at the hotel with tall palm trees, water features and the sound of the beach. Pacific Resort is without a doubt my first pick on the island for many reasons including its location, accessibility to amenities, beaches and facilities. One other clever feature was the daily Pacific Drum; an informative report on the weather, things to do and historical insight produced by the resort every day and delivered to your room. Thumbs up to that! And what a difference the entirely self-sufficient accommodation made with bbq, private beach, indoor pool, flat screen TV and all you need to satisfy any discerning traveller.

A few thing you should do while in Rarotonga.

  • Saturday Markets in Avarua offers local food, produce, cultural dance and souvenirs, plus it’s free
  • The 'Island Night' at Te Vara Nui was the best venue we felt (food included)
  • Hire a moped if you can, it’s a whole new experience with the warm air on your face while travelling around the island with friends (remember those helmets!!)
  • Go and stay a few nights in Pacific Resort Aitutaki for a 5 Star experience like no other!
  • Buy a Pacific Pearl to capture the memories of your holiday

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