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I recently flew business class to Hong Kong with Hong Kong Airlines as they now operate daily from Auckland.

All was good - the flights left punctually in each direction and check-in was smooth and easy in both Auckland and Kowloon Airport railway station.

The cabin d├ęcor was a pleasant blend of traditional Chinese red punctuated with refreshingly modern purple & green. The seating reclined to angled lie-flat and was arranged in 2 x 2 x 2 configuration.

They offered a good selection of inflight movies & entertainment via individual pop-up video screens located in each armrest. Slippers, water bottle, power outlets & individual reading lights were also found in each seat.

They offer two inflight meals with western and Asian options along with complimentary beverages & continuous snack bar for self service between meals.

The cabin crew were friendly and attentive and uniforms were smart and elegant.

Bathrooms were kept clean and tidy throughout the flight.

Head this way for my Hong Kong & Macau tips.

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