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(By Brooke Bailey)

Before I visited when I looked at photos in brochures and saw the trademark white buildings with blue roofs looking out onto the deep blue ocean I thought it really can’t be that beautiful in real life, but it really is, perched high above the Aegean sea the largest township on the Island Thira it is a very busy village with cruise ships arriving at the dock below us I watched the donkeys busily working trying to get everyone up the steep hillside and into the township.

I stayed on the south side of the Island in Perissia Beach which is a seaside resort about 10 mins from Thira it has many hotels, local restaurants and bars and caters more for people on summer holidays rather than your Island hopping tourist A must do for anyone while in Santorini is a trip to Oia to watch the sunset which is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world if you are in Santorini for a few days go and watch the sunset from Santowines they have wine tasting and local produce tasting while watching the sunset unbeatable!

A great day out is to take one of the sailing trips around the Island A full day trip takes you out onto the Volcano (Nea Kameni) with lunch at a local fishing village, swimming in the hot water springs and a view of the Island from sea level, all on a traditional Greek sailing boat a really great day out.

You can view a few photos from my time in Santorini by visiting our facebook site

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