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Should you still travel?

18 November 2015


With the recent attacks on Paris, a lot of us have been left wondering if it's even safe to travel anymore, and we've had a number of calls from our clients asking us this very question.

Some have cancelled or changed their plans, while others have pressed on with their travel. It's a personal decision and we stand by our clients regardless of what they decide, which a recent email from TAANZ Chariman, Andrew Olsen fully supports.

As an industry we encourage and promote travel. Travel enriches us all. We lose to extremists like those who committed these acts and those who support these crimes if we do not go about our business and our lives. That said, the decisions to travel remains your customers.

We agree wholeheartedly, even though it seems crazy, the best form of revenge against these despicable acts on innocent citizens is to just carry on with your life. We simply can't allow these acts of terrorism to control us or right to freedom of choice.

Although terrorism is what's prompted this post, it's not the only thing that you may be challenged or confronted with while travelling. Whether it be a natural disaster, theft or loss, unforeseen delays, illness or injury; the key is knowing what support you can turn to when these events occur.

In any of these instances, know that your World Travellers' advisor will be just down the line to help in whatever way they can. Other suggestions include bookmarking the MFAT Site before you depart as they will always have the most up to date travel information on global events, and of course, insurance is another must (bookmark their page too for updates if required). And for more basic tips on how to keep safe, here's a superb Lonely Planet list of suggestions.

Our hearts and thoughts are with those that have been affected by the Paris attacks.

“How do you defeat terrorism? Don’t be terrorized.” ― Salman Rushdie


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