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Alesha has just returned from a quick break away with her Husband, exploring Singapore and Bangkok. Two destinations that I have transited through a number of times, but never spent time exploring as a tourist.

Both cities were great and very different to each other, in Singapore we did a lot of the attractions and highlights on offer. From the great food and colour’s of Chinatown, the buzz and excitement of Clarke Quay and the River, walking and admiring the malls of Orchard Road and the amazing architecture of Marina Bay Sands and last but not least the fun and hype of Sentosa and Universal Studios.

While in Bangkok we enjoyed a bit of shopping….. in both the large expansive (Air-conditioned) malls and the street markets that line the sidewalks. I would highly recommend Tony’s Tailors, if anyone is on the look for a highly finished but good value suit. A must do is always a Tuk Tuk ride, you can definitely get through the horrendous traffic a lot easier, but in general their traffic is hideous. We had a fabulous but long day visiting the River Kwai and the wonderful Tiger Temple where we were extremely close to some beautiful tigers, an amazing experience for sure.

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