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Singapore Street Food

Popiahs are fresh spring rolls which are not fried, but served as they are. These spring rolls are usually filled with hoisin sauce, finely chopped and stir fried jicama, beans, carrots, tofu and bean sprouts. The popiah is an indigenous dish of Singapore which has its origins in the original ‘Peranakan’ culture of the island.

Laksa is yet another Peranakan dish which has evolved from a simple noodle soup over the years. There are several varieties of Laksa found in Singapore but the two main varieties are Curry Laksa and Assam Laksa. Apart from noodles, the Laksa also has fried tofu, fish sticks, shrimp and vegetables in it.

No trip to Singapore is complete without at least trying the Chilli or pepper crab. Yet another dish which competes for the hotly contested title of the national dish of Singapore, the Singapore Chilli Crab consists of hard shelled crabs which are cooked in tomato chilli gravy. THawker Centre, Singaporehe dish is served with steamed Chinese buns which are used to mop the gravy as you work your way through the crab. Rojak is a local favorite. It is a mix of turnip, cucumber, pineapple, bean sprouts and green apple fried fritters in prawn paste -peanut-chilli sauce. A little spicy, a litte sweet, a little sour and a lot of crunch.

Kaya toast: This traditional breakfast food is a cholesterol laden local jam made of coconut, egg and sugar. Spread it on crispy toast accompanied by half boiled eggs with a dash of pepper and soy sauce, finish the meal with a cup of strong black coffee.... bliss!


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