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Big big flakes float down. We upgrade our Previa look alike vans to Chevy Suburban V8’s with 4 wheel drive for safety. A great decision! Snow laden trees and hedges are lit up like Xmas.

Sherry at the Mountain Lodge welcomes us with complimentary wine and nibbles, a 4.00pm occurance we enjoy daily beside the fireplace. The ski bus to Snowmass stops one small block away or we can drive to a stop on the highway and park at the bus stop. The average age in the café at Snowmass midweek is 65 plus! I listen to the talk-not such good conditions today, best to finish at 1.00pm as its all over by then. By New Zealand standards it is incredible. Not too cold. Blue sky. Sunshine. 3000 acres of new snow. No queues. Soft to fall into! Amazing views. We keep skiing for as long as our bodies allow. The Corbett ski team 2015-big grins. At the end of each day and lots of stories to tell and laugh about. Great for the soul.

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