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Started with 5 days on Hokkaido with a day at Niseko, a day at Kiroro and 3 days at Rusutsu. Then went to Minakami, Honshu, and had a day each at Naeba, Hodaigi, Kawaba and Kagura.

Highlights included fantastic skiing including powder and some fun in the trees (likes trees), no queues, uncrowded slopes, $45 - $70 for a full day pass and less if skiing for a set number of hours, friendly people, good food, loved the Onsens (hot pools) and in general a neat country to be in.

A couple of minor irritations included continuous loud announcements through speakers over an entire resort and twin tips not fitting into some of the gondola ski racks so needed to take inside but a couple of the gondolas so small that you couldn't fit skis inside longer than 180cms.

We travelled Air NZ (good connections) with 1 roller ski bag, one other bag (both 23kgs) with boots in carry-on luggage. Easy to get around including Tokyo train station with the exception of a couple of taxis passing us by because of the ski bag - but not for long.

Barbro and I have spent many years in the mountains working and skiing. Because of this we have built up a network of contacts including having direct (wholesale) purchase agreements with, Mammoth Mountain (Ca, USA), some hotels in Colorado and a variety of other suppliers. We have customers throughout NZ booking with us, some for the skiing.

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