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So who do you call in times of crisis?

You hear the airport is closed. Or you're stuck in traffic and have a flight to catch. How about an unexpected family drama that requires you to change your travel itinerary.... who are you going to call to help?

Just last week, Stephen Hicks, one of our dedicated business travel consultants, proactively informed some clients that their flights had been cancelled. Most were not aware of this at the time and he proceeded to provide suitable solutions so that their travel could seamlessly continue.

Having a dedicated & experienced consultant helping you out in times of need means that:

  • You can bypass lengthy on hold times to a 0800#
  • Avoid those pesky airport queues
  • No longer need to navigate your way around various websites looking for answers

It's this personalised attention and providing of logical itinerary solutions at times when you need it most that makes a travel consultant so priceless.

So who do you know that could benefit from what we did for these customers? And it's not just business travellers that we do this for, we also provide the same excellent service for personal and group travel too. Have a look at our testimonials from happy customers on 'Over to you'

And then come in and see us - we'd love the opportunity to work with you on your future travel requirements.

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