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South Korean Sojourn

02 October 2012


Join me as I set off for Seoul, South Korea with Korean Airlines on the 2nd October. Stay posted for more updates from me by clicking here or see an overview below.

Last Day

Sad to be leaving but at the same time looking forward to seeing my family again. It's been an amazing experience, and hope I can return again some day to see even more! Kamsamnidah Korea!

Seoul city tour

Another fantastic day. Gyeongbok palace and the folk museum were facinating, and we followed it up with a visit to Antique Alley inInsadong for a wee bit of shopping. Could have spent hours there but we had a lunch to get to... More food! And another wonderful (10 course! ) meal later we were off to Seoul tower. You really appreciate how massive the city is from up there! Wow!
Last day tomorrow. :(

Food, food and more food! (and shopping)

I never thought I would make it through but we had a 15 course meal last night! It just kept coming out of the kitchen, delivered by lovely ladies in traditional dress. Tried some very interesting things including eel, jellyfish, ice cold seaweed soup and more. Absolutely delicious, but rather filling.... so we shopped it off at one of the local department stores, doota, afterwards. We also visited the Dongdaenum market, and I have never seen so much merchandise together in one place before! Wow! I can't believe the amount of people shopping at that time of night either.... looking forward to our city tour today...keep posted!

Incheon Airport tour

Had an amazing tour of the airport! (not something I was expecting to be excited about.) Such fantastic facilities and efficiency. There are free cultural experiences, free wifi, wonderful rest areas, a kids play area, free (and spotless) shower facilities and so much more. Can see why it's so highly rated.

Temple visit

Had an awesome (busy! ) day yesterday. Highlight definitely tea ceremony and making prayer beads at Woljeong Temple. DMZ really facinating, but sad too...
Tomorrow it's off to both airports and to see Korean Airlines hq. Looking forward to the flight simulator!

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