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Some people spend years at University studying the stars. Others study science. I am spending time around the pool at my Waikiki hotel studying the art of securing a sun lounger-in a sunny spot-for some of the day. Quite a task! It takes a bit of study to get it sorted. First up-I sit in a nearby chair and pretend I am quite happy to be there, but really I am watching how it is done. “The lie of the land” as they say but this time it is the lie of the body in the sun by the pool in the right spot.

The pool loungers are in twos, approximately 40 of them. 80-100 loungers, 350 rooms, 700 guests. 700 does not go into 80, but then there is the beach, and also the shops to ease the pressure. But strategy is definitely required . You have to be quick. Analyse the slant of the rays and the moving shadow. Once you have nabbed a lounger, a pool attendant will bring a new towelling cover. You are secure for as long as you need or until the rays or the shadows have moved. There are umbrellas for shade. Being a solo lounger can be a little uncomfortable, as you are cosied up to another solo lounger, or not…

Once you are settled in, you can spend your time watching other bathers securing their loungers. The pool attendants bring around

Melon sorbet. There are water coolers full of lemon water. A dip in the lukewarm bath every ten minutes to cool off, and some serious book reading.

Heaven in Hawaii.

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