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A journey on one of the Swiss Scenic trains is a must if you want to truly experience the beauty of Switzerland.

There are a number of different journeys to choose from, and guarantee spectacular scenery and a great way to experience the best of the Swiss Alps.

  1. Glacier Express – duration 71/5 hours.
    A breathtakingly beautiful scenic ride through mountain forests, rushing streams and alpine beauty connecting St Moritz and Zermatt. Travel through 91 tunnels, cross 291 bridges and the 2045 metre high Oberalp Pass
  2. Golden Pass – duration 5 1/5 hours.
  3. Links central Switzerland and Lake Geneva. A window to many of Switzerland’s scenic highlights.

  4. Bernina Express – duration 7 hours.
    A magnificent journey taking you through white glaciers,
    wild gorges, amazing bridges and loop tunnels.
  5. Lotschberger – duration 1 hour 20 minutes.
    Following demands from rail connoisseurs, you connect Bern with the Valais region, and follows the scenic mountain route via Kandersteg and the old Lotschberger tunnel, offering stunning views and extra comfort due to the train’s large panorama windows.
  6. Chocolate Train – duration 8 hours.
    Chocolate and cheese lovers will be in seventh heaven on this unique return journey. You visit Gruyeres, home of Gruyeres Castle and the cheese factory plus chocolate sampling at the Nestle factory at Broc.
  7. Wilhem Tell Express – duration 51/5 hours.
    A train will take you through steep ravines and cliffs of the Reuss Valley, and though the historic 15km Gotthard railway tunnel to reach your destination.

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