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Modern buses and taxis are available or a car, four-wheel drive or even a scooter can be rented. In the Society Archipelago, “trucks” which are picturesque buses with wooden passenger cabins serve the different towns and on some islands, taxi boats for lagoon transfers are also available.

A few minutes’ flight from Tahiti or just 30 minutes on the ferry is Moorea. Two extraordinary bays, Cooks Bay and Opunohu Bay feature a background of lush green in striking contrast to the clear blue of the lagoon and white sand beaches. Tucked away in flowered gardens or perched on the lagoon are the bungalows of the many hotels and family pensions. On the island’s crystal clear lagoon you can water ski, jet ski, parasail or snorkel. As on Tahiti, you can circle the island (60 kilometres long), hike the various trails, take a whale watch excursion (humpback whales are in the waters from July to October), go deep sea sport fishing or scuba diving. Golf enthusiasts will enjoy the 18 hole course with 13 holes on the seaside and five on the mountaincside, numerous water traps as well as large bunkers all of which provide a very technical course.

Huahine is another of the Society Islands. Just a 30 minute flight from Tahiti, it is a haven to visitors looking for tranquillity. White sand beaches, coral islets on the luminous blue lagoon and lush hills, the island is a Polynesian beauty. Forty minutes on a direct flight from Tahiti is Raiatea, the first island settled by the Polynesians and the starting point of the great migrations to the Polynesian triangle. Known in legends as Hawaiki, Raitatea remains the cradle of Polynesian culture. This island is the second economic centre and an important nautical base hosting sailboats and charter companies. Bora Bora, the Pearl of the Pacific, is a special destination. Well suited to honeymoon couples and romance, the unique over-water bungalow experience should not be missed. Look through a glass floor in your room to the bottom of the turquoise waters of the lagoon and wake up to the special treat of enjoying breakfast delivered to you by canoe. The underwater world of Bora Bora will amaze beginner and advanced divers or for non divers, take a submarine excursion, diving to 35m with a 360 degree viewing port. A unique experience is an underwater scooter excursion. This is a guided exploration of Bora Bora’s lagoon on submersible, electric-powered two-seater scooters with a glass bubble to keep your head dry, allowing you to breathe normally. The scooter follows a safe path of 3m deep. Anyone can try it and there is no need to know how to swim or scuba dive.

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