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We all just spent 3 amazing days in Samoa as a treat from Lynette for our end of year party (spoilt, we know!).

The first 2 days were spent exploring the 2 main islands, Upolu and Savai’i.

Upolu is the smaller of the 2 islands, and where you’ll find Apia and the International Airport. With our local guide, Efasu, we visited many of our more popular resorts around Upolu, and also many of the gorgeous local beaches. Our picnic on Lolamanu Beach was unforgettable! We visited the legendary Aggie Greys Hotel in Apia on our way back to the resort, and were treated to an “Aggie’s Special” – a very large, and very recommended cocktail!

We stayed all 3 nights at Aggie Greys Lagoon Beach Resort, which was wonderful. It has all the facilities you would expect from a resort of it’s size, the best swimming pool in Samoa as far as we’re concerned, and friendly helpful staff!

Our second day we caught the Ferry to Savai’i, and visited some more resorts. Savai’i is a larger island, however, most people live on Upolu for work during the week, and return to Savai’i and their families for the weekends. More beautiful beaches, and friendly locals where ever we visited.

The accommodation in Samoa was varied, from basic fales on the beach to the full service resorts with all facilities.

Our last day was spent by the pool, and it was fantastic. We all came home with a lovely tan, and very relaxed from our lovely long weekend. Samoa is beautiful, and well worth a visit. I’ll be back there as soon as possible.

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