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'Tauck' Take me to the river

26 June 2017


Bronwyn Towersey from Cruise World has recently returned from her latest cruise adventure with TAUCK & she couldn't wait to share her experiences with us....

I've just returned from an unsurpassed cruise on board TAUCK’s elegant MS Grace on their 'Rhine and Swiss Alps' cruise.

Tauck is one of those products that have always been held in high esteem & I can happily say that it didn’t just meet my expectations, it exceeded them! Tauck is as much a family story now as it was when Arthur Tauck started out in 1924 and now in its 3rd generation, they're still true to their roots. Their mission is to provide once in a lifetime travel experiences, bring like-minded travellers together, take care of every detail, be all inclusive, provide exceptional value, and to have plenty of fun.

I got all of that!

Tauck believe that unless they do it differently, there's no point in them doing it at all, i.e. they don’t want to be mainstream. So how did we see the Amsterdam Canals? In a private traditional little boat (plus Barista on board) with just 30 of us, fantastic commentary, a great cup of coffee and the best Dutch Apple Cake ever.

The Unterlinden Museum in Colmar was closed the day we were there, but they opened especially for us and gave us a fantastic tour and delightful reception of Champagne with local specialties at the end. On every Tauck River Cruise, there's a Sparkling Event ashore, which includes a dinner. Ours was the Schloss Ereshoven and what a night to remember! Champagne and cocktails in the courtyard allowed time to enjoy the ambience and gardens outside, while inside a string quartet played.... we heard the romantic, tragic and humorous stories of the Schloss (Tauck are great story tellers), followed by a truly fabulous dinner. It was such an enchanting evening.

Just about every port had a choice of activities, biking for the more active, or something easier paced for others - all included of course. And with one Cruise Director and three Tour Directors on board every boat), if there was something else you wanted to do, they had the manpower to facilitate it.

Dining on board was delicious! An open bar policy (Moet is the house champagne by the way) meant that the upstairs bar was a very popular place at any time, with lots of convivial conversation from like-minded and well-travelled guests.... you really do travel in good company with Tauck.

We finished the 7 night cruise with 2 nights in pretty Bern - it was the cherry on the cake following a fabulous cruise. The hotel was in a fantastic location & stunning, and the trip up the Jungfraujoch that included lunch the following day was a brilliant finish. Tauck gathered us all together on the final night for a farewell gala dinner, and because they doesn’t do anything by halves, it was another stunning night to remember.

How you see the world matters with Tauck... they may not be the biggest river cruise operator, but they are the best and absolutely stand by the value and integrity of what they do. There are lots of people who want to have these kinds of experiences, who want value for money and think that travelling well is a worthy investment.... they just need to be told about Tauck - so here we are....

Why Tauck?

  • NO single supplement in the lead-in cabin category
  • Airport transfers pre and post are included
  • Complimentary pre or post cruise accommodation (T& C’s apply - check with your agent)
  • NO optionals sold ever
“The thing I learned most from my father was you don’t put up with anything that’s second best. If you are making people’s dreams, you have to do things right” - Arthur Tauck Jnr

(Published with permission from Bronwyn Towersey by World Travellers Galaxy Travel)

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