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"Marco Polo"

To some the name refers to the intrepid traveller himself, who departed Venice in 1271 to travel to Mongolia and China, a journey lasting 24 years. To others, the name may conjure up an image of a lovely ocean liner, who graced New Zealand’s waters back in 1995. She introduced New Zealanders to cruising and if you talk to any past passengers, she is remembered with much affection and consequently has a large and loyal Antipodean following.

Well she’s back, she’s looking great, and as her name suggests, she likes exploring.

Built for this purpose over 40 years ago, she is a deep hulled fully stabilised classic ocean liner. At 22,080 tonnes, she carries just 820 passengers. She was completely rebuilt in the early 90’s and emerged with all the amenities of a cruise ship of the 90’s, in neo-Art Deco style.

The ambience on board is relaxed and traditional. Service is sharp and the food is very good, fresh and a mix of contemporary and traditional British and European cuisine. There is a choice of dining venues, so always a casual option if you want to avoid the formal night.

Plenty of entertainment and activities (all administered by professionals) are available on board from dancing classes, classical concerts, cooking classes, shows, and in keeping with her spirit of exploration, enrichment

lectures themed around the destination.

The typical Marco Polo cruiser is well travelled, inquisitive and convivial. They have a desire to see new places, experience different cultures and be educated along the way. 

Itineraries depart from London (Tilbury), and explore the Canary Islands, Madeira, Mediterranean, Baltics, British Isles, the Norwegian Fjords & Northern Arctic.

Simply put, the Marco Polo is an iconic, classic ocean liner with an explorative nature. She has a huge repeat following given her relaxed and convivial atmosphere, quality of on-board services and fascinating itineraries, all at very modest prices.

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