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The Patagonia Trekking season lasts year round....however, most travellers like to head to this region during the months of November to now is the time to think about your trip.

Patagonia is perfect for a number of different travellers....those that do not handle altitude but want to see all the things you would usually see at heights......and those that want to see penguins and other wildlife of the deep south.....but cannot afford to head to Antarctica.

Our new Great Patagonian Traverse is designed for our seasoned Patagonian travellers. This trek is sure to captivate the most seasoned trekker and offers the opportunity to traverse Patagonia, travelling it’s length from Coyhaique in the north to Puerto Natales in the South, mostly on foot and by boat via some of the most captivating and untouched national parks in the region.

A recently opened pass between the shores of Lago O’Higgins in Chile and Laguna del Desierto in Argentina offers a unique way to continue our traverse and offers a side to Patagonia rarely seen by other trekkers. Of course our trip does not end there and continues to Los Glaciares National Park, home to a stunning array of granite spires including Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitz Roy and onwards to El Calafate where another perspective of the Southern Patagonian Icecap at the Perito Moreno Glacier is on offer. Of course no trip to Patagonia is complete without trekking in the Paine National Park. Here complete the ‘W’ trek and enjoy forays to the Grey Glacier, up the French Valley and the Ascensio Valley before we finally ascend to the base of Torres del Paine for one of the most unforgettable mountain views in the world, before driving across the pampas to Punta Arenas where our traverse concludes.

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