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To compliment Elephant Hills Luxury Tented Camp, we headed even deeper into the National Park and was completely wowed by the Rainforest Camp that met us!

Situated in one of Thailand’s most spectacular rainforest lakes, The Rainforest Camp will be completely different to anything else you've ever experienced as it's one of the only floating tented camps in the world. Surrounded by jungle and towering Limestone Mountains that compete with Halong Bay in Vietnam, Khao Sok rainforest houses the oldest evergreen forest worldwide and is home to elephants, tigers, Malaysian Sun bears, Gibbons monkeys and many other species.

The 15 luxury safari tents with en-suite bathrooms are located on pontoons and provide a fantastic base for you to explore southern Thailand’s tropical rainforest. The deck in front of your tent gives you the most fantastic views of the jungle and the emerald water of Cheow Larn Lake is so inviting that swims before and after breakfast are a must. Each tent has a canoe tied to the steps that is available to you so that you can canoe through the klongs and channels of the lake in search of monkeys and birds.

A few of our group got up at 6.30am and went out onto the lake for two hours as it's a fantastic time to see and hear the wildlife as they start their day. The dark emerald water was like glass with the only ripples coming from us as our canoes cut through the water.

Back at camp, it was off for another swim before enjoying a wonderful breakfast.

Our next adventure was a two hour jungle trek up to a huge cave found in the side of one of the Limestone Mountains. The cave was stunning until I saw a Huntsman’s spider on the cave wall.... I didn't get up too close and personal with it as I was too busy heading in the other direction. The stalactites and stalagmites were stunning, and at the back of the cave was a huge amphitheatre. Our two guides were very knowledgeable of the flora and fauna of the area too, which made it all even more interesting.

Then it was back to camp for another swim, followed by a fantastic dinner.

Combined with the Elephant Hills Luxury Tented Camp, this Thailand experience is a once-in-a-lifetime thrill that's unique and not to be missed.

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