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The Galaxy Travel team have explored some fabulous locations this year.

Maree attended the Gallipoli commemorations in Turkey with a group of 17 from around NZ in April. She also visited Belgium while in that part of the world. In September Maree had the opportunity to go to Thailand. From “glamping” in the jungle and getting up close and personal with elephants, to the resorts of Phuket.

Michelle visited Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and the Great Wall in China with a night in Singapore in May. In August she soaked up the sun & relaxed in Fiji for a mid winter break.

Vanesha experienced a 4 day family cruise from Auckland to Sydney, Australia in June and has recently come back from big Indian wedding in London!! She shopped til she dropped in Istanbul Turkey, and relaxing in Venice, Italy!

Joanna skied the Colorado areas of Keystone and Aspen in February and relaxed in Honolulu on her way home. She ticked two items off her bucket list - cruising on Wind Spirit around the Tahitian Islands in September.

and Jo V took her family to Bali and the Gili Islands in July. A highlight was bathing elephants and riding them bareback and snorkelling with turtles. Travel insurance came into its own when an unexpected vocalic eruption on the island of Java meant an extra week holiday was compulsory (what a shame!)

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