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Tips for picking the right cruise for you

18 January 2017


There are tons of cruise lines out there, each suiting a different person’s needs, but how do you narrow down what’s right for you?

That’s where Maxine Laws comes in! During an appointment with Maxine you’ll be guided through a series of questions then fitted with a perfect match of cruise options. Let's take a look at three 3 reasons why you should use an experienced cruise consultant when booking your cruise.

Cabin Fever!

Once we’ve helped you to choose your cruise, we don’t stop there as it’s important for us that we book the right cabin too! Cabins vary in price of course, but they also vary in size, privacy, comfort, view, and noise levels. We’ll make sure that you won’t fall into one of these common cabin traps:

A small cabin - You may find a balcony cabin that has generous dimensions, until you realise the size you are being given includes the balcony and in fact the cabin is teeny tiny. Beware that ships are not configured all the same, even within the same cruise line. A good cabin choice on one ship isn’t necessarily a good choice on another.

Higher isn’t always better - It's commonly perceived that the higher you are on the ship - the better. That’s not quite true if you're directly under the nightclub, or if the jogging track wings out over your balcony.

Free upgrades – Aren’t these great? Well, not always actually. An upgrade can be based on location so don’t assume it’ll be a better cabin. You may find you are moved to the bottom of the ship but as it’s a midship location, it’s an upgrade! If you opt in for free upgrades they are generally compulsory to accept so be careful.

Cheap allocated cabin deals - These are brilliant if you're on a budget but do be mindful that as your cabin will be allocated to you, if you're opposite the engine room there's pretty much nothing you can do about it. Allocated cabin deals often don’t have the same inclusions as everyday fares either and things like the transport coaches to the sights from the ports aren’t always included... so do watch out for those payable extras.

Restaurant access - You may want to use a particular restaurant on board and sometimes these are associated with only certain cabin grades, so be sure to do your research!

Shore Excursions and Pre Planning

Once you're booked and your cabin is chosen, your planning still doesn’t end there either! There are tour excursions on offer with most cruises, some of which are included in the cost, whilst others are payable extras.

At Harbour City Travel we take the time to show you all the shore excursion options and help you to set up your online cruise profile.

Some excursions have limited capacity and we make sure that you won’t be disappointed on board by ensuring that your favourite tour is pre booked.

And if a tour offered by the cruise line isn’t quite right for you, or there's something special you’d like to do or see, we can tailor make them for you instead or arrange it with independent professional tour experts we have access to.

On Board Dining and Entertainment

There are a multitude of restaurant choices on board as well as dining times. Some specialty restaurants require pre-booking and we can reserve tables for you well in advance for that special birthday or anniversary dinner.

We can also advise you about the restaurants, and assist you in choosing a dining time and table size that suits you. We take into consideration the times cruises are at port, and their entertainment timetables to help guide you towards your dining reservations in order not to miss out on anything else that may be happening on board or on shore.

We know in advance of any formal nights that may be taking place on the cruise and can assist you with guidelines on what to wear for various cruise lines, or where else you could eat on these nights if you prefer not to participate.

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