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20 May 2011


Our short trip to the Kingdom of Tonga had us arriving late into the warmth of smiling faces of the locals.  We made our way to our weekends accommodation, Fafa Island Resort which is a 30-minute boat ride from Tonga's main island Tongatapu, and its capital Nuku'alofa. 

On our first morning we got our first glimpse of the the perfect clear, turquoise water, gleaming white sand, and tropical bush.   We headed back to explore the sights of the mainland.  First stop the local markets.  The markets are a great place to check out the local produce and a range of Tongan handicrafts including wood carvings, basket making, mat weaving and the most famous of all, the making of beautiful Tongan Tapa. 

Next stop The Royal Tombs, burial place of Tongan royalty since 1893, and the mysterious Ha’amonga ‘a Maui Trilithon, known as the “Stonehenge of the Pacific” built by the Lapita culture who thrived around 1200 AD.    We then visited the landing place of Captain Cook and  the beach pigs - yes actual pigs that lived on the beach eating seafood.  Needless to say they were big, fat, healthy animals and very happy with their diet of shellfish and fish. 

Finally a drive to the famous Blow Holes on the west coast.   The blow holes stretch for miles and we definitely saw them on a great day with the water swell being huge making the water sprays amazing.

Our last day was spent enjoying Fafa Island Resort.  A small  boutique resort on an idyllic coral island, the perfect spot for holidaymakers looking to unwind, escape and indulge.  All fales feature a courtyard with semi open bathroom, covered veranda, king beds, dressing room, ceiling fan, hammock and beach beds. Some deluxe bungalows features an extra building containing the bathroom, walk in wardrobe and extra room for 2 beds.   Staying at Fafa you can also enjoy dining under the stars in the open air restaurant on the beach or indoors in the traditional thatched Fale. Fafa cuisine is known for its unique contemporary Pacific European gourmet dishes. The open air cocktail bar also means that guests can enjoy a wide range of tempting cocktails and wines throughout the night.

Overall, Tonga is still very traditional, beautiful, relaxed and still very much undeveloped but a great place to chill. 

Tonga the Friendly Islands......

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