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1. So close to home – just over three hours from Auckland

2. The exchange rate – It’s all NZ Dollars

3. Arrive as a visitor and leave as a friend – With a population of less than 1500, you will know half the island before you leave

4. The things Niue doesn’t have is what makes it special – No crime! No traffic lights! No crowds!

5. Totally unique geography – Because Niue is a raised coral atoll, it has caves and coastlines like no other Pacific Island

6. Walks unmatched in the world – Range from 5 min to 5 hours

7. Once in a lifetime experiences – Niue is one of the only places in the world where you can swim with the whales

8. Fishing haven – The fish life is prolific and game fishing takes place just 100 metres from shore!

9. Bragging rights – You can discover Niue before it gets too discovered by others!

10.There is SO much to do – You won’t want to sit still for long her because of all the experiences on offer

Niue, is located in the centre of a Polynesian triangle made up of Tonga, Western Samoa and the Cook Islands and enjoys the tropical climate that the Pacific Islands are famous for. Self-governing for more than 30 years, the population of 1500 are also New Zealand Citizens. The ‘under the radar’ destination will have you falling in love with it from the moment you’s just what happens!

So close to Home..... nothing stopping you from going!

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