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Preparation for the Trans Mongolian Railway

It’s only 10 days until I experience the journey of a lifetime - The Trans Mongolian Railway. One of the world’s greatest train journeys!

I’m unbelievably excited to be ticking this rail trip off my bucket list. Why? The Trans Mongolian Railway is possibly the best way to experience the two biggest countries on the planet, rolling along the tracks from China through Mongolia and into Russia.

Choosing the Right Tour Company

You are spoilt for choice with all the opportunities for sightseeing and activities. Are you looking for action and adventure? That unique cultural experience? Do you like wandering around big cities? Your travel agent will know, and can recommend a tour company that best suits what you want to do.

On this trip we are travelling with Sundowners on their ‘Trans Mongolian Adventure’ tour. We chose Sundowners because of their expert guides & tour leaders who are going to take us off the beaten track for in-depth journeys

Getting Your Visas Sorted

Visas are the first on the Trans Mongolian Railway preparation list and I need one for China, Mongolia and Russia. The best tip is getting a travel agent to do this all for you! World Travellers uses specialised visa companies to help fast track the process, so you can take off on your holiday without a hitch.

All you have to do is complete three application forms, three passport photos ,copies of your passport and some countries may require an invitation letter but this is easy enough to get. World Travellers will take care of the rest. Tick!

Travel Insurance

Every trip needs travel insurance! Regardless of how careful you are, it is important to prepare for the unforeseen and organise travel insurance as soon as you have confirmed your holiday booking. With World Travellers travel insurance, advice and assistance are just a phone call away.

Contact World Travellers

The countdown is on! Come along with me on this Trans Mongolian Travel Adventure by following me on Facebook. I’ll be posting regular updates on what to see, do, taste and discover as I ride across the world’s largest continent.

If you want to experience the world differently, or just have a travel agent who will take care of all your visa and travel insurance paperwork for you, let us know!

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