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I never get tired of sending my clients to the 'same old places' in Europe …especially if they want to travel by train & stay in some of my favourite hotels.

Having spent considerable time over the years travelling Europe by train & sampling each regions history, culture and most importantly, the best food & wine experiences, I strongly believe train is the only way to travel!

Why not explore Switzerland with one - or all - of its famous Swiss Scenic trains: The Glacier Express, Golden Pass Line, Chocolate Train & more.

Or step back in time & experience the luxury of the Belmond Grand Hibernian (staying on board of course!) as you explore the sprawling countryside, dramatic coasts and fascinating cities that define the Emerald Isle. With its lush green landscapes, mystical tales of old, fabulous food and a wealth of literary and musical talent, Ireland truly has something for everyone to enjoy. The train takes its name from the classical Latin word for Ireland-Hibernian; recalling the ancient isle's romance and culture.

There are often loads of deals on offer for train travel and as of today, 29 August 2017 – you can enjoy 20% off a German Rail Pass (10 days and 15 days Consecutive and Flexi pass.) if purchased by 28 September & used before 31 October 2017). And that’s just one of many on offer….

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