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Treasures of Turkey

with World Journeys

Having just returned from Turkey on a World Journeys small group tour I can honestly say this is a great way to see Turkey.  Our tour took a maximum of 10 passengers which provided a really personal experience and we got to know our tour guide and our other travellers really well.

Staying in the old town in Istanbul made it easy to see all the “must do’s - The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, the Hippodrome and the Grand Bazaar.  Our guide was fantastic in sharing her immense knowledge.


It was then time to head out of Istanbul.  Firstly to the ancient town of Troy then onto Gallipoli.  To see the place we have all learnt and heard about all our lives was something special.  To see ANZAC Cove where so many of our brave soldiers lost their lives made it very real and believable.  The whole Gallipoli experience was a real highlight for me.

Our next stop was Kusadasi where we stayed in a gorgeous hotel overlooking the Aegean.  The tour allowed enough time to take advantage of the stunning infinity pool as well as visiting the inspiring ancient city of Ephesus and the house of Virgin Mary.

We then headed to Pamukkale which is famous for its unbelievably beautiful (natural) terraces made of limestone.  Certainly a wonderful experience.

It was then time to head to Cappadocia which was so unreal it was like being on a movie set.  Cappadocia is made up of unusual rock formation created as a result of the eroding rains and winds over thousands of years and giving it an unworldly appearance.  I loved walking through an underground city, staying in a cave hotel and a hugely impressive balloon ride.


Truly an experience to treasure. No wonder its called “Treasures of Turkey”………


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