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Once couples are married in Vietnam they live with their husband’s family. This cannot be too bad as we see many weddings outside the prominent sights of the Notre Dame Cathedral, on our tour of Ho Chi Minh – the brides are stunning in their long white intricate gowns, the grooms are very attentive and the photographer works hard to get the album filled with loving shots.


Understanding our tour guide – Mr Loi, telling us about Vietnamin his Vietnamese English is a challenge and fun. He has a great sense of humour – we mostly do not get his jokes as we cannot understand what he is saying - we laugh anyway as it is so funny.


Learning the history and background of Vietnam is an education and makes me feel very thankful for life without wars in New Zealand. Experiencing the Cu Chi Tunnels and the War museum, sobering.


Crossing the scooter filled streets, terrifying.


Everywhere we go we are encased in the humidity, surrounded by tooting horns warning someone is coming through or past. Great food. Great shopping.  The hotels magnificent. 


I must return.

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