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Vietnam - By Bruce Cookson

17 June 2011


Recently a valued client of McIntosh Travel, Bruce Cookson, experienced Vietnam. Here he shares a short version of his amazing trip there.

The people in Vietnam are so wonderful, very helpful, they even open the hotel doors for you. The hotels in Vietnam were wonderful. I couldn't have wished for anything better. In Vietnam you don't drink tap water, parts of Vietnam is very rugged. One part of Vietnam was beautiful where the Americans had been during the war.

Our tour director from MP Maher Tours, John Bibbey, was wonderful, very helpful and a real gentleman. I would not hesitate to go with him on another tour. I enjoyed the tour but I did not know what I would face when I got there. I only saw one shopping mall the entire time I was there, no supermarkets. Our tour guide in Vietnam was a hard-case, he and John Bibbey worked extremely well together.



Vietnam was a land of contrast, rugged wilderness terrain, beautiful picturesque beaches, flat and contoured rice paddies, providing constant changes in scenery. Food was a wide range of western and local meals. Transport showed wide contrasts from buses to sampans to trains and planes, right down to bikes. The people were very friendly - viewing a different culture made this the trip of a lifetime.


Special thanks to Wendy Smith from McIntosh Travel, John the Tour Director, and Wong the local guide and translator.

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