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Moldova, Mongolia, Myanmar, Macedonia, Montenegro, Nepal, Botswana, Burma (same as Myanmar) Bhutan, Belarus... (I still have to look up a few of these!)

That's a small taste of the travels that a couple of my dear clients have been on over the years. They delight in sitting at my desk and hatching their next adventure. In the good old days, John used to turn up with a ratty piece of paper with a list of countries on it and then leave me to it to string them all together. Quite the task! I used to nod my head and smile smile smile, all the while thinking, 'How am I going to do this one?"  

One year, in the days of hand write tickets, we had forty flights!! We squeezed in as many as we could onto a 'Round the World airfare', which then was only limited by mileage. The modern 'Round the World' airfares have a limit of 16 flights and aren't half as much fun!

To date, the country count is 180 plus, give or take a few! These days, it's cruising. They choose the cruises and the destinations and I string them all together. A much easier way to travel... even though my old gray matter still gets a work out, as there are still flights required between the cruises.

These customers are now my friends. We've shared many, many stories and a lot of laughs. We've had to fix a few things along the way... lost baggage for a week, bankrupt airlines... and I was once waiting for the reports of pirates off the coast of Africa but they got through OK on that one.

This week they told me they have been to every country in South America! I haven’t been to one! 

They are truly Inspirational! They are true World Travellers. :)

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