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I discovered how to walk safely on slippery snow covered foot paths last year.  Up in Japan at Niseko. The paths were thermally heated so not a problem but as soon as I ventured off on a tangent I slipped over and landed in a gangly ,uncoordinated,

rather embarrassed heap. Thankfully I was uninjured.  The shops sold these plastic clip on devices with spikes that attach to the soles of your footwear, to give grip-cost about 20.00.


So walking to the hotel hot tub, with my hotel robe and jandals, and feeling a little bizarre, as the path is the main footpath along the main street of Aspen, I have definite duck waddle movements trying once again to avoid slipping on the treacherous snow laden walkway. It would be a disaster to come all this way for a ski adventure and crash and burn walking to the hotub!


A bluebird afternoon. The therapeutic water working on sore ski muscles. Skiers with more stamina than me are still zooming down the slopes above Aspen followed by little puffs of powder. My glasses fog up and make reading my book difficult.  I did consider bring a glass of something to sup on, but thought it may interfere with my balance and concentration.


Walking in a snow town is more difficult than zooshing down the slopes.


Aspen Colorado 2015.

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