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Walking & Cycling in Europe

*Unbeatable value for money:

All the accommodation venues are special, but in lots of different ways, often reflecting the tastes and personalities of the people who run them. They are chosen for their location and local flavour such as the 3 star hotel in Ravello on the Amalfi coast that has stunning views from the dining terrace and the elegantly restored, antique filled farmhouse in the Umbrian countryside.


*Great food and wine:

Breakfasts, most dinners and some lunches are included on the tours and as self-confessed foodies, Headwater appreciate how important this is, so they guarantee you’ll eat well on your holiday!Headwater Holidays was established 25 years ago

A walking or cycling tour is a fabulous addition to your European experience, call McIntosh Travel for all the details and options. Like you, we are World Travellers.


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