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Weekend in Dublin

10 February 2006


If you have never visited Ireland, then a Dublin weekend away is a great way to start.

A short ferry or flight from the UK, Dublin is not to be missed.  So first thing we hit the streets.  Everything is within walking distance and there is a bus service for the stuff that isn't. Our first stop is Dublin Castle and then a Liffey afternoon cruise. We mainly spend the rest of the afternoon wandering around the Temple Bar area, a lively collection of streets full of great shops and lots of pubs!

Many of the pubs offer music at least one night of the week and the styles vary from modern pop and rock to folk music, nearly always with the addition of the atmospheric Celtic sound for which Ireland is known. Though it is not just about pubs, night life and evening entertainment, away from Dublin's famous pub scene, the city has charm, history, some exceptional monuments plus a great shopping district.

Last stop before heading back to the UK,  a trip to the Guinness Storehouse is a must even if its just for the view of Dublin. Not being a Guinness fan myself, I was presently surprised. The tour ends at the Gravity Bar which has a spectacular view all around Dublin city!

Ended our weekend topped it off with a pint in the Fitzgerald's Pub on the Liffey River.

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