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What is the most valuable piece of travel advice you ever received?

    Intrepid Travel on Facebook asked their 'friends' what the most valuable piece of travel advice was that they'd ever received? Here are the answers... 


  • You are a guest in someone's country - be on your best behaviour - you don't want to experience being on the wrong side of local laws!
  • Pack light! Less to deal with.
  • Scan & email your documents to yourself.
  • Pack an electric power board to charge all your equipment at same time.
  • If you return, visit the people you met before! They are always glad to see someone come back................
  • Don't say no to anything!
  • Go! 
  • An intrepid tour guide once said to me " if you open your heart and your mind - you will get a really deep view of the country" - he was absolutley 100% right.
  • Take a little book of photos about where you live and your life to show the local people - especially if you have children, it opens the window to some wonderful exchanges - even across language barriers.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Earplugs!
  • Take more than one pair of underpants to India.
  • Always carry toilet paper.
  • Bring immodium!
  • Always carry toilet paper with you no matter where you go
  • Dont drink the water in the Ganges.
  • Take half the clothes & twice the money but don't come home until you run out of the latter!
  • Never pack on a hangover.
  • Embrace the differences in cultures rather than complaining it's not the same as home.
  • Put a light pillow or cushion in your backpack on the way over. It's useful for sleeping on transport or propping up crap hostel pillows, and you can take it out and use it on your journey home which creates space for all the shopping you do!
  • Just go!
  • Carry a nutrition/protein bar with you in case you get hungry and food is not available or to your liking.
  • Travel like a local!
  • Be polite and smile when you say no, you may get annoyed but there's no point.
  • Take the tractor tour to Cape Kidnappers ( New Zealand).
  • Be patient :-) pole pole :-)
  • Don't drink the water! Unfortunately, I didn't do this in Lima once....and paid the price!
  • No one but you knows that you're wearing the same clothes over and over, so don't pack separate outfits for each day!
  • Don't worry, you will get lost (especially useful in Venice). 
  • Don't accept tuk-tuk rides to see "the best temple in Bangkok". Smile, no matter what. You're in Southeast Asia, after all. 
  • Go now, you might not be around for your retirement...
  • Take duct tape -- it'll fix anything.
  • Have fun.
  • Look out! There are llamas!"
  • Always pack a flashlight.
  • No matter how narrow the path, remember that the llama always has the right of way. At least he thinks so.
  • Don't bring anything you can't afford to lose!
  • Your worst day travelling is still better than your best day at work. Oh - Hi to everyone at work :-)
  • Pack everything you think you'd need, then third that!
  • Assume that you will return...that way you're not running around trying to see everything.
  • Ask a mama where she would eat, not a man. She's the one that has to deal with the sick kids and family. 
  • Socks are a good place to carry money.
  • The best stories are always about when things don't go to plan! 
  • Eat where the locals eat and know the cultural norms and expectations before you get there.
  • A smile. It will open doors, communications with the locals and people's hearts.
  • A small pack of travel wipes
  • It's so true, never pass up a bathroom stop.

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