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Where's Galaxy Travel been in 2016?

24 November 2016



A great trip to the South Island in April - time to catch up with family, do a bungy jump and ride the Otago Rail Trail over 5 days. I highly recommend a company called Shebikeshebikes for this.

A very quick trip to France to tick off one of my bucket list items in August - river cruising from Paris to Cannes! Avalon Cruises were fantastic. Covered a fascinating part of France that you would not generally see. Visited every Medieval city offered and had some incredible eating experiences. Paris – what can I say...awesome as usual, especially while living up to our motto of ‘doing it differently’ & joining a 4 hour walking tour of the back streets of Paris and a wonderful 3 hour biking tour of Paris. Both covered different areas and I would highly recommend them... riding a bike in Paris was certainly not on the bucket list but well worth it in the end.

Jo C

2016 for me has been a very quiet travelling year. There was nothing until a quick three nights to Melbourne in November with my dad to visit his cousins. So if you need any tips for travelling with an older parent - I'm the expert! (Dad and I spent a month travelling to Dubai, Egypt, Europe & Scotland in 2006 - most thought I was his wife!!)


I LOVED my three nights in Hong Kong seeing all its sights & skyscrapers back in August. This was then followed by a leisurely 12 days in the Philippines taking in everything from tropical beaches to small cities while riding a tricycle like the locals. Such a relaxing holiday in the warmth of 30o heat!


It's been head down, tail up in 2016...although I'm very much looking forward to my Carnival Cruise with the family to New Caledonia in March. It will be great to experience the ships facilities first hand while exploring the beautiful Islands of Noumea and Isle of Pines.


I started here at Galaxy Travel in February and I'm having a great time! I'm just back from Fiji in November on a educational to experience island holidaying for myself. As I'm more of a winter holiday gal, it was quite different to my usual holiday experiences and I've now got a much better understanding and appreciation of the ever-popular "chill" holiday to the islands. I'm currently planning a holiday with my partner to Salt Lake City, Utah for a skiing holiday in February 2017... so looking forward to that.

Jo V

Head down, tail up for me this year too - although I have a fabulous trip sorted for 2017 with stops in Thailand, Morocco, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Canada - can't wait!!

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