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Windstar - Cruising The Mediterranean - Part 2

27 May 2011


Day3: Villafranche , located in the heart of the Cote d’ Azur between Cannes and Monaco, this village reflects the glamour of the French Riviera whilst remaining quaint, cosy and really accessible. Its captivating 17th century character is everywhere, and like the medieval villages of the back country, the narrow cobblestone and brick streets slope steeply towards the sea, or traverse along the slope with vaulted passages beneath the houses. The coast has long sandy beaches, cafes and restaurants, allowing you to get lost in the moment so easily.

Day 4: Porto Vecchio (Corsica) located on the magnificent Gulf of Santa Guilia near the southern tip of Corsica. Sight seeing can include the Citadel and Old Genoese town, plus a marine cemetery located high on cliff tops giving you views over the Straits of Bonifacio to Sardinia which lies only seven miles away. If you are heading toward Sartene you come across the Roccapina Lion, this is a mass of rose coloured granite which has been weathered through time into the shape of a recumbent lion, truly amazing. Sartene itself is also beautiful with its impressive houses nestled into the rocks, and due to its coastal location, history shows it was vulnerable to foreign invaders including pirate attacks, battles against Genoese occupiers in the middle ages and several other vendettas in Corsican history.

Day5: Rome. Disembarking after a leisurely breakfast, we transferred into Rome for a one night stay, this day was then ours to take in the 2500 years of history, which would not disappoint at all.

 Coloseum 9pm at Night

Whether it was the Cistine Chapel in the Vatican, or having dinner under the Colloseum at 10pm at night, Rome has an amazing energy and the most amazing gelato in the world.

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Wendy Smith was part of a group of travel agents on this educational trip courtesy of Tony Smith from Francis Travel Marketing Ltd and Thai Airways.

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