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Botswana is home to Africa’s most richly populated wildlife areas, with a variety of animals unsurpassed. The country offers the best concentrated safari experiences, and due to its largely roadless wilderness areas lends itself to the fly-in Safari. About the same size as France, the country’s highlights are definitely in the remote wilderness areas including the Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park, Savute and the Kalahari. World Journeys offers fully serviced mobile camping safaris, walking safaris and luxury fly-in safaris staying in our favourite lodges. Botswana and Namibia are a perfect combination to create a Journey in Africa.


When to go:

The very best times for wildlife viewing in Botswana are between April and November, when the water levels are lower and birds, mammals and big game congregate around the water holes and channels to drink. Outside of this season, there are many good reasons to visit including the calving season of newborn animals during November and December, and for “twitchers” between January and March when the Okavango Delta comes alive with over 400 species of birds.


Maree’s experience

Botswana truly is one of my favourite destinations. There is something very special about the African bush that keeps calling me back. Surrounded by nature but still in the lap of luxury. Botswana is landlocked and bordered by 4 countries: Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa. It not only offers the pristine waterways of the Delta but 70% of the country is the Kalahari Desert. Chobe National Park in the north is an ideal first stop, with prolific elephant viewing. I love a combination of both Water and Land based safari camps, this gives a great experience to view wildlife from both land and on the water. Gliding down “hippo alley” is an experience not to be missed! Days begin before even the birds have cleared their throats, they say the early bird catches the worm...well out here the earlybird can witness the sometimes brutal “circle of life” re-enacted in front of your very eyes.

Torn between wanting the prey to escape but not wanting the hunter to go hungry it’s a brutal reality.


After a coffee and a rusk at the Chobe under Canvas campsite, we hit the trails, in custom 4 x 4 with a raised view, we are no doubt a great help to the spotter on the front. The anticipation of not knowing what is around each corner keeps audiences attentive, and craning to spot something, 3 hours slip by and some wonderful game viewing, and we head back to camp to demolish a full cooked breakfast with everything imaginable. Afternoons are at leisure for perhaps a siesta or a good book, before the evening game drive. At night relaxing by the campfire, listening to the bush come alive, dinner is prepared and served on the whitest linen covered tables. With three courses that would rival many restaurants it is in stark contrast to the dusty surroundings and rustic means from which these delicious meals are created.

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