We do things differently at World Travellers.

World Travellers does things a little bit differently. The group was founded in 2009 by travel industry professionals who wanted to create a new way of doing travel. We do things differently because:

We’re a co-operative.
We’re a co-operative.
We’re Kiwi owned and operated.
We’re Kiwi owned and operated.
We’re travel experts.
We’re travel experts.

A Co-Operative Model

Unlike other travel agencies, we’re a co-operative. This means that each one of our stores around the country is independently owned and operated by Kiwis just like you. As a result, when you deal with a World Travellers store or consultant, you’re dealing with genuine, down-to-earth people who share your passion for travel.

There are no big corporate hoops to jump through or meaningless marketing jargon. Our consultants just want to help you plan the best holiday for you

Kiwi Owned and Operated

World Travellers started in New Zealand and the regions our stores are located. We’re Kiwi through and through! We’re all about community, building long-lasting relationships and putting our customers’ needs first.

Our stores all share these same values, which is why they’re a part of the World Travellers group.

Travel Experts

When you talk to a World Travellers consultant, you’re talking to someone who has actually been there and had a wealth of travel experiences that can help you make the most out of yours. We’ve got consultants who are experts in particular destinations like the South Pacific or Argentina. We’ve also got consultants who specialise in planning certain kinds of trips, like family holidays or solo adventures.

This expertise and knowledge are essential to giving our customers the very best travel experiences, filled with local recommendations and insider tips you won’t get from people who haven’t been to the place you’re going.

Why book your holiday with a travel agent?

This is a question we get a lot these days. After all, with so many online tools available to help you book your trip, why wouldn’t you just do it yourself? Well, there’s a reason that travel agents are still going strong, and why World Travellers is growing.

By using us, we can:

Take away all the hard work
Put bookings on hold for you
Use our experience for your benefit
Help you out of a pickle

How does it work?

You might notice you won’t be able to book a holiday through our website. That’s because we believe doing business is better in person - or at least over the phone. We want to meet you and learn about your plans so we can tailor a trip to your needs.

So take a look at our experiences on offer and find your nearest store. Give us a quick call, or organise a time to come in to see us (feel free to just drop in!).

Ready to begin your next big adventure?

Give us a call, or head into your nearest World Travellers store. Our experienced travel consultants create unique trips so you can experience the world in new and exciting ways.