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World Travellers and TAANZ

Bonded_HORZ copy.jpgThe majority of World Travellers stores and Mobile Consultants are full members of The Travel Agents' Association of New Zealand (TAANZ), a trade organisation representing the travel agent and tour operator distribution system in New Zealand.

As there is no government licensing for travel agents in New Zealand, we encourage all of our World Travellers members to be TAANZ approved before carrying the World Travellers brand, as TAANZ is the only regulatory organisation promoting quality standards, service and performance in New Zealand.

TAANZ works with its members to promote a Code of Ethics and Practice, and to stimulate, encourage and promote the desire to travel. They also work with the Aviation, Tourism and Travel Training Organisation (ATTTO) to train staff in the skills required for the 21st century - customer relations, selling skills, ecommerce, new technology, the law and the travel industry.

All TAANZ members must meet strict membership and financial criteria and be subject to an annual financial review by an independent Bonding Authority. All members participate in the TAANZ Bonding Scheme for the protection of the consumer. World Travellers relies on this stringent annual review process to ensure all stores remain viable, profitable and professionally managed.

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