Langkawi: A Tropical Haven from the Jungle Book

Tereza's week in Langkawi
21 August 2023

Langkawi, the jewel of Malaysian region Kedah and an UNESCO site, emerges as a paradisiacal haven and an ideal holiday escape. Whether you're seeking pristine white beaches, exhilarating water sports, lush rainforests, or diverse wildlife encounters, Langkawi seamlessly merges these desires into a single, captivating experience.

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Langkawi is perfect for doing everything or nothing at all. The island balances relaxation, modern amenities, unique fauna, multicultural influences, and tax-free shopping – a compelling recipe for an unforgettable journey.


Embarking on a week-long sojourn to this jewel, I have compiled an article that unveils the essence of this gem, enlists enthralling activities, and shares tips for a gratifying Langkawi adventure. Come, let's traverse the enchanting landscapes of Langkawi together.

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Langkawi is situated in the northern reaches of Malaysia, a stone's throw away from Thailand. Gaze across its azure expanse on a clear day, and you'll be captivated by sweeping views of the mainland and adjacent Thai islands. For those who have savored the delights of Thailand, Langkawi might invoke memories of those cherished moments, yet it maintains its distinctive allure.

Langkawi serves as a harmonious blend of untouched natural landscapes and burgeoning urban centers that cater to every conceivable need.


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Cenang Beach, a tourist hotspot, owes its fame to its ivory sands, mesmerizing sunsets, an array of local and "western" eateries, and an abundance of shopping choices. While its popularity ensures a lively atmosphere, those yearning for tranquility should explore accommodations dotting Langkawi's western coast. The island's compact size ensures easy access to town for dining, shopping, and local exploration, while still granting pockets of serene seclusion.

Alternatively, residing in Kuah, the island's largest (and essentially only) town, offers a glimpse into local life and potentially more budget-friendly shopping options. Yet, do note that Kuah is a busy town and its beaches may not rival the pristine shores outside town.

Mangrove Forest

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A personal highlight of mine was a boat excursion to the Mangrove Forest – Kilim Geoforest Park. While the tour might suggest a passive experience given its boat-bound nature, my experience proved quite the opposite. Prepare for an immersive adventure, not only absorbing copious information but also delighting in wildlife sightings that might leave you pleasantly exhausted.

The journey commences with a hotel pickup, followed by a scenic hour-long drive (if based in Cenang) to Langkawi's northern reaches. Your guide, often well-versed in local lore, ensures an engaging ride. The boat tour, spanning roughly 4 hours, ventures through the breathtaking rainforest, home to eagles and wild monkeys. These boats accommodate around 10 passengers, guaranteeing unhindered views. The expedition employs several such crafts, accompanied by knowledgeable guides.

Around the midpoint, a visit to the bat cave promises a captivating encounter. Afoot within the cavern, you'll encounter not only monkeys but also a diverse array of aquatic marvels, from vividly hued crabs to the astounding walking fish. A sumptuous local seafood lunch awaits at a floating fishery restaurant, preceding a beach rendezvous. As the clock approaches 3 pm, the tour concludes, leaving you with indelible memories.

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Seven Wells Waterfall

A 15 to 20 minute hike rewards your effort with panoramic views and a playful set of natural slides. Pack a picnic for an idyllic afternoon, though watch out for the occasional monkey craving a snack share!



For those with a penchant for heights, the Skybridge grants unparalleled panoramic vistas and a thrilling walkway experience.

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Water Adventures Langkawi

Water Adventures Langkawi offers an array of aquatic activities tailored to your preferences – jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, and exhilarating banana boat rides. For an exceptionally memorable experience, consider parasailing at sunset. I recommend booking these in town or straight on the beach!


Underwater World

This aquarium features the island’s rich treasure trove of marine life. Located at the popular Cenang Beach, it features more than 5,000 types of aquatic life including sharks, stingrays, eels, turtles and penguins! This is a perfect activity for a rainy day!

Other activities

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  • Island Hopping
  • Crocodile Adventureland
  • Langkawi Wildlife Park
  • Eagle Square
  • Oriental Village
  • Splash Out Langkawi

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving
Langkawi was once an extraordinary haven for exploring the mysteries of the underwater world. However, pollution has led to the closure of numerous diving and snorkeling sites. Prior to embarking on your journey, I strongly advise conducting research to gauge the present state of these sites.


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  • Playful monkeys
  • Majestic eagles
  • Lurking huge lizards
  • Nocturnal bats
  • Intriguing walking fish
  • Colorful crabs


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  • Use Grab for transportation
  • Observe wildlife form a safe distance
  • Always have cash on you
  • Explore night markets
  • Wifi and data are quite limited (even at hotels)

 Pro Tip:

Embrace Adventure on a Scooter! To truly embrace the island's essence, hop on a scooter and explore at your own pace. Langkawi's compact size ensures you can circumnavigate it in a matter of hours, providing an exhilarating and liberating experience. But be mindful of the wildlife crossing, especially the monkeys.

In conclusion, Langkawi is a destination straight from the pages of a tropical fairy tale. Its fusion of pristine nature, exciting activities, diverse wildlife, and cultural richness make it an unmissable paradise. Whether seeking relaxation, adventure, or a blend of both, Langkawi awaits with open arms, ready to weave a tapestry of cherished memories that will forever linger in your heart.


Text and photos by: Tereza Kalinova

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