Luxury small-ship river cruises in Asia

Pandaw has been the leader in Asian River Cruising for almost 30 years.

Operating a fleet of 17 luxury river cruise ships, Pandaw offer expeditions in 5 countries; on the Mekong River through Vietnam and Cambodia; the Red River and Halong Bay in VietnamLaos & Thailand on the Upper Mekong and India on the Ganges River and the Brahmaputra River.

Choose from an intriguing range of:

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Life Onboard

Pandaw Life Onboard WEB

A Pandaw cruise offers a predominantly outdoor experience, where guests favour spending time in the open air, lounging on the promenade or the spacious observation deck, over staying in their well-appointed staterooms.

Uniquely, the ship's windows (apart from lower deck portholes) are adjustable for personal comfort. The journey becomes a captivating showcase of Asia's grand river landscapes and vibrant life, best enjoyed from the teak decks of the ship, where passengers are often mesmerised by the dynamic interplay of nature and local cultures.

Passengers often liken the Pandaw experience to staying on a private motor yacht rather than being a typical cruise ship traveller. After exploring the onshore marvels, guests return to a serene sanctuary of subtle luxury, attentive service, and life's finer pleasures.


Pandaw Accommodation WEB

The staterooms on Pandaw ships are a highlight, celebrated for their blend of colonial charm and modern luxury. Adorned with brass and teak, these rooms offer ample space (15.6 sqm on most ships). The aim to maintain this beloved space's consistency is evident in every new ship they build.

It's important to note that Pandaw's cabins forego mini-bars, satellite TVs, internet, and phones, as guests often seek a respite from the ubiquitous amenities of global business hotels.

However, you will find the following included as standard:

  • Fruit and flowers on arrival
  • Kimonos and slippers
  • Spa-branded amenities
  • Unlimited mineral water
  • Free use of mini DVD player on request and selection of DVDs from their library (subject to availability)


Pandaw Dining WEB v3

Pandaw's dining areas are uniquely crafted to welcome refreshing breezes during the day, closing only at night to offer air-conditioned comfort, in line with guests' preference for natural over artificial air. The Katha Pandaw, inspired by passenger suggestions, features an alfresco dining area instead of a traditional dining room.

Pandaw are dedicated to a culinary philosophy that emphasises diverse local flavours and exotic dishes, prioritising locally sourced ingredients that meet strict environmental health protocols.

Meals begin with a buffet breakfast, followed by a lunch that includes a buffet, soup, salad, and dessert, with the main course served directly to guests. Dinner is a sit-down affair served by waiters.

Pandaw accommodate personal dietary needs, offering milder, European-style options for those sensitive to heat or spice, and providing a rich selection of vegetarian dishes. With advance notice, they can also cater to other specific dietary requirements. The culinary team focuses on presenting guests with the finest local dishes from each region Pandaw explore, ensuring an authentic tasting experience.

Lectures & Culture

Pandaw Culture WEB

The essence of the Pandaw experience has always been steeped in cultural and historical knowledge, presented in an accessible manner. Each day on a Pandaw journey, passengers are invited to attend briefings led by the purser and guide, serving as a platform to review daily activities and upcoming plans.

During their voyage, passengers can expect at least one cultural performance unique to each region: marionette theatre in Burma, the Royal Khmer Ballet in Cambodia, and local dance performances in Laos, directly on the ship's deck.

Furthermore, Pandaw enriches its guests' experience with a variety of onboard activities, such as cooking demonstrations, fruit carving, napkin folding, and behind-the-scenes tours of the ship.

Movie nights with themes tied to the regions visited are a highlight, featuring films like "Indochine" in Vietnam, "The Killing Fields" in Cambodia, and "The Lady" in Burma, among audience favourites.


Pandaw Excursions WEB

Land excursions are a fundamental aspect of the Pandaw river cruise experience, offering a mix of countryside walks, speedboat journeys into dense jungles, horse cart rides in Burma, and cyclo rides in Cambodia. Wherever feasible, Pandaw avoid using cars or coaches, sometimes opting for the region's most rudimentary transport options, like truck rides in search of elephant camps in Katha, Burma.

Daily stops, often twice a day, include significant time spent in key locations like Phnom Penh on the Mekong, and Pagan and Mandalay in Burma, with expert guides leading the way or the option for guests to explore independently without concerns for safety.

Every organised excursion comes with crew support, providing first aid, refreshments, and all entrance fees. Additionally, detailed information materials are provided, there are opportunities to visit Pandaw Charity initiatives, and chances to join the Pandaw Head Chef on market visits. Assistance is available for navigating challenging riverbanks.

For those inclined towards cycling, Pandaw povides high-quality Giant brand mountain bikes for guests to explore areas like Pagan's temples or the Burmese countryside at their leisure, with crew advice on the best routes and optional accompaniment for guided biking adventures.

Solo Travellers

Pandaw Single Travellers WEB

Travelling solo doesn't have to be restrictive or expensive. Pandaw is recognised as a top global solo cruise operator*, thanks to their accommodating approach to single travellers:

  • No single supplement charges on a broad range of dates, even during peak season!
  • It's easy to meet fellow travellers due to the welcoming 'Pandaw spirit,' our spacious public areas, and daily cocktail hours.
  • Special tables for singles can be requested during meals, or you can dine with new friends.

Contact your World Travellers consultant to discuss your next solo cruise with Pandaw.

*Pandaw was nominated as 'Best for Solo Travellers' in the 2023 WAVE awards.

'Family-Friendly' Cruises

Pandaw Families WEB

Pandaw river cruises defy the notion that they cater exclusively to an older demographic, offering enriching experiences well-suited for younger travellers. The areas they explore are not only safe and secure, but also home to welcoming communities, making these journeys an excellent opportunity for children to engage with different cultures.

To ensure a lively and enjoyable experience for younger guests, Pandaw provide fishing rods, badminton nets, and organise evening games on sandbanks, including badminton or football matches with local participation. Additionally, a selection of board games like chess, Monopoly, and Scrabble are available for leisurely afternoons. Children are also invited to participate in cooking demonstrations and other onboard activities. Pandaw designate certain voyages during school holidays as particularly 'family-friendly', ensuring a memorable experience for all ages.

UNDER 18's TRAVEL FREE (On Selected Voyages Only):

First cabin: Two adults pay full price
Second cabin: One or two children between the ages of 5 and 18 travel for free (excludes departures on the RV Kalay Pandaw excludes suites as the second free cabin)
NOTE: Port taxes are still payable for each child traveling.

Please note: cruises are not suitable for very young or small children as the ships have railings but no netting.

Here is just a taste of the incredible itineraries offered by Pandaw