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Dubbed the "beautiful island" by Portuguese explorers in the 1700s. Taiwan is known for its immensely rich culture, spiritual heritage, amazing food, world-class hot springs and stunning scenery. A perfect fusion of modern-day vibrancy and proud cultural heritage, Taipei is renowned for being one of the coolest cosmopolitan cities on the planet.

But, the real magic in Taiwan happens when you get beyond the city limits and into the country's nine national parks. Watch a sea of clouds dance through the valleys and sweep up over Mt. Yushan, East Asia's tallest peak. Then bask in the sheer magnitude and power of the Liwu river as it carves out the stunning Taroko Gorge, home to the "tunnel of nine turns" which is an experience not to be missed! If you're a keen cyclist, Taiwan's East Coast has some of the most incredible roads and trails on the planet. But, for the beach dwellers among us, fear not. Because the Southern tip near Kenting National Park is home to incredible white sand beaches and some of Asia's finest surf spots. We haven't even begun to scratch the surface and that's before we've even said anything about the world-famous night markets, cuisine and cultural spots. Truly the only way to gain an appreciation for Taiwan is to immerse yourself in everything this uniquely special island has to offer.

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Things you should know about Taiwan

Don’t get tricked by New Zealand’s exuberant data roaming packages. Taiwan was the first country in the world to roll out nationwide WIFI coverage. It’s free and easy to access pretty much everywhere. So if you like to stay in the loop or send a few pictures back home, then it doesn’t get any better than Taiwan.

It’s a bit of a hard one to explain, but the political history between China and Taiwan is quite complex. To cut a long story short, Taiwan is far more liberal and you don’t have to worry about censoring or losing contact with the outside world. If you’re a Kiwi you’ll even get 90 days visa free entry, sweet!

The best way to get a true Taiwan experience is to eat like a local. It’s a real foodie culture, but in a totally bizarre way. The nightly street markets are something out of a movie and you’re sure to be amazed by the food they can cook on the side of the road. It’s cheap, safe and delicious. What’s not to like about that!

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