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Discover the humble cacao bean and ancient Mayan ruins

Wandering beneath the forested canopy interspersed with the ruins of an ancient city lost to the jungle, listening to the calls of howler monkeys penetrate the surroundings, it would be easy to feel as though you’ve stepped back to another time and place. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tikal is a place filled with all the things that define Guatemala: splendid rainforest, Mayan civilisation and unique wildlife.

In Guatemala you’ll also find incredible hiking trails, volcanoes, scenic swimming holes, colourful local markets, beautiful colonial architecture, adventurous activities and plenty of opportunities for relaxation. This is a place heavily influenced by its past, and you’ll feel the influence of the Mayan civilisation everywhere you go. Brush up on your Spanish, prepare your tastebuds for an onslaught of cacao and ready yourself to dive into a curious world. 

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Things you should know about Guatemala

Cacao beans weren't just consumed or used in ceremonies in Guatemala; the Mayans also used them as a form of currency.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tikal contains over 3,000 structures, including stone pillars documenting an event that occurred over 400 million years ago in Guatemala.

Guatemala's official language is Spanish, but 23 others are spoken in the country, including 21 Mayan languages.

Tips and advice from our travel advisors

The official currency is the Guatemalan quetzal although US$ are widely accepted. It's still a good idea to keep some smaller local denominations handy when you are in smaller towns.
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The national dish is considered to be the pepian, which is part stew, part curry, influenced by its Spanish colonial heritage.
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There are some 30 national parks and conservation areas in Guatemala, so take time to explore the amazing landscapes and unique wildlife.
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